Convergence - Consolidated IPT portfolio :

  • Single line-up for SMB
  • Combined with a full range of terminals and applications
  • Integrated with secure networking capabilities 
  • Centralized management with Ericsson-LG data products Compatibility - Smooth migration path from ipLDK-100/300 in Ericsson-LG BCS portfolio - Former investments in TDM extensions and trunks protected and leveraged - Enhanced IP generic platform and open standards based architecture for the future IPECS ATTENDANT More Calls, Better Service The iPECS Attendant is a powerful PC based attendant console, designed to enhance call handling and control functions of the attendant, through superb intuitive drag & drop actions.
  • It also allows the attendant to manage the directory with ease of use and graphical user’s interface. Do more with less: The iPECS Attendant enhances handling of your valuable inbound calls. With the iPECS Attendant software, your busy receptionist can route calls with the click of a mouse, or drag and drop without switching PC and phone. The monitoring window shows the status of all users; and thus, at a glance, the attendant is aware of the presence of employees through graphical icons. Real-time presence lets the attendant take alternate action, such as sending the call to voice mail, sending a text message or just clicking the station icon to transfer.
  • The iPECS Attendant has an embedded soft phone that enables various call features without additional hardware, such as a desktop phone. Using simple and flexible configurations, your attendant can be fully productive with or without a hard phone, thus reducing the total cost of ownership of the system without jeopardizing call quality.
  • The iPECS Attendant links with local and corporate workforce information for quick access to contact phone numbers. The operator can easily add, modify and delete the information as well as import and export external data from and to the directory.
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